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CDs and DVDs

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The Divine Journey: Glimpses of the Mother's Life (DVD)
— Prepared by Sri Aurobindo Archives & Research Library
ISBN: 978-93-5210-080-4
Price: Rs 175

The Path of Later On (DVD) (ENG/FRE)
— A short film based on a story by the Mother
Price: Rs 127

Anima (Audio CD)
A Musical Composition on Seven Poems of Sri Aurobindo
— Poems by Sri Aurobindo; Musical Composition by Dominique Chevalier
Price: Rs 675

Sri Aurobindo's Savitri (Set of two MP3 CDs)
Read by Nirodbaran
— Sri Aurobindo; Read by Nirodbaran
ISBN: 978-81-86413-30-2
Price: Rs 375

The Mother: Terrace Darshan 1965–1973 (DVD)
— Photographer: Sudha Sundaram
Price: Rs 300

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