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Auroville Architects Monograph Series: Poppo Pingel

— Mona Doctor-Pingel

Price: Rs 1650

Hard Cover
Pages: 204
Dimensions (in cms): 23x23
Publisher: Mapin Publishing Pvt.Ltd., Ahmedabad
ISBN: 978-1-935677-11-6

About Auroville Architects Monograph Series: Poppo Pingel

In this first monograph of a three-volume series on Auroville architects, Mona Doctor-Pingel presents a bird's eye view of architect Poppo Pingel's life and his influential work in Auroville, as well as a few brief write-ups on his oeuvre penned by those who have been professionally associated with him. The book includes a brief description of Auroville and a Foreword by Balkrishna V. Doshi. This volume is replete with photographs, both in colour as well as in black and white, providing a visual introduction to the architect's work. It also carries a few photographs of the city of Auroville in its early years.