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Abhaya: Fear — Its Cause and Cure

— Selections from the Works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother

Price: Rs 250

Soft Cover
Pages: 88
Dimensions (in cms): 12x18
Publisher: The Gnostic Centre, New Delhi

About Abhaya: Fear — Its Cause and Cure

Based on one of a series of workshop sessions with students and professionals, this compilation seeks to provide a basic understanding of the psychological origins of fear. Fear of the unknown, a dread of what may happen makes man shrink from unpleasantness and difficulties, can cause illness, and may lead to unnecessary violence. These short selected readings show how the power of consciousness and a right attitude can dispel anxiety and fear and lead to their eventual mastery and conquest. Other books in the series include Dhyana: Meditation for Inner Growth, Karma Yoga: Perfection in Work, and Sadhana: A Guide to Self-Mastery.