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Alipore Bomb Trial 1908–1910 (Volume 2)

Arguments in Courts and Judgements

— Compiled, Edited and with an Introduction by Amiya K Samanta

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Hard Cover
Pages: 470
Dimensions (in cms): 15x23
Publisher: Frontpage, Kolkata
ISBN: 978-93-81043-27-1

About Alipore Bomb Trial 1908–1910 (Volume 2)

The second of two volumes bringing to light all the unpublished documents related to the Alipore Bomb Trial, this book deals with the arguments presented in the Sessions Court and the High Court and the judgements rendered in both. In the introduction, the editor revisits justice in colonial India, beginning with the East India Company’s efforts to protect colonial race relations. He argues that the bloodshed of the 1857 uprising made the British realise that a new and fair system of justice had to be implemented to quell the stirrings of a widespread revolt and cement the balance of power in favour of the colonial regime. The arguments and judgements presented demonstrate how far the principles of fair and impartial justice were actually adhered to.The epilogue details the British Government’s efforts to muzzle and condemn Sri Aurobindo and summarises the aftermath of the Alipore Bomb Trial in terms of how the authorities moved to tackle what they viewed as the problem of revolutionary terrorism.