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Glossary of Terms in Sri Aurobindo's Writings

— Compiled by Sri Aurobindo Archives and Research Library

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Soft Cover
Pages: 328
Dimensions (in cms): 14x22
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication Department, Pondicherry
ISBN: 978-93-5210-128-3

About Glossary of Terms in Sri Aurobindo's Writings

A compendium of terms, words, and phrases used specifically by Sri Aurobindo, this book relies on his own explanations or illustrative examples from his writings to convey the meaning of a term. Part I is a compilation of Sanskrit and English terms that are central to Sri Aurobindo’s yoga and philosophy, accompanied by referenced passages from his works. Part II is a glossary of Sanskrit and other Indian words and phrases as they are used by him. Part III is a glossary of words in foreign languages such as Greek, Latin, French, Italian, etc., and Part IV contains notes by Sri Aurobindo on several special English terms found in his writings.