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Discourses on The Synthesis of Yoga - Volume IV

Part - I: The Yoga of Divine Works (Chapters VII-XIII)

— V. Ananda Reddy

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Soft Cover
Pages: 410
Dimensions (in cms): 14x22
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research Trust, Pondicherry
ISBN: 978-93-85391-35-4

About Discourses on The Synthesis of Yoga - Volume IV

The book, a transcription of the author’s talks, covers the last seven chapters of The Yoga of Divine Works. Some of the concepts discussed include the need to found one’s action as a doer of works on the living sense of an increasing consciousness of all existence as one, and the necessity to rid oneself of egoistic activity and act in self-consecration, in complete equality. The next step is the stance of the impersonal witness that maintains a position behind the action of the three gunas and looks beyond the working of Nature to the unveiling of the Transcendent Divine as the true Master of works in this creation. Only there can the being exist pure and free. In a long chapter on “The Divine Work” the author brings to our attention the nature of the work after a sadhak has established the perfect equality and lives in the knowledge of the Master of works.