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Alipore Conspiracy Case

An Outline of a Sensational Trial in the History of the Indian Independence Movement

— Niharendu Roy

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Soft Cover
Pages: 160
Dimensions (in cms): 14x21
Publisher: New House, Kolkata

About Alipore Conspiracy Case

Drawing on an array of resources, the author presents an overview of the history of the nationalist movement led by Sri Aurobindo and other prominent political leaders of the day. He recounts how the movement intensified as a result of the repressive stance of the British Government in India. The arrest of the group of young revolutionaries at Maniktala Gardens and the subsequent arrest of Sri Aurobindo set the scene for the Alipore Conspiracy Case, which is outlined in detail in this book. The valour and dedication of the young men is underlined by the short life sketches appended after the main narrative. Originally presented as an exhibition at a book fair in Kolkata, the book includes more than fifty pages of photographs of the people and events related to this historic trial.