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Tracts for His Times

Bande Mataram and Sri Aurobindo's Anti-colonial Discourse

— Sabita Tripathy, Nanda Kishore Mishra

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Hard Cover
Pages: 404
Dimensions (in cms): 14x22
Publisher: Authors Press Group, New Delhi
ISBN: 978-93-5207-302-3

About Tracts for His Times

The authors of this study set out to explore Sri Aurobindo's political thought and revolutionary ideas embedded in his early political writings and speeches, most notably in his articles for the journal Bande Mataram. Chapters are devoted to the germination of his patriotism and his early action in the political field, his critique of the moderate policies of the Indian National Congress, a study of his concept of nationalism, his strategy to achieve political freedom through civil struggle, his journalistic crusade to demand Swaraj as the natural right of his countrymen, his scheme for a national system of education, and an analysis of the rhetorical devices and unique narrative voice used by him as an offensive weapon against both the British Government and the Moderates of the Indian National Congress.