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அன்னையே தாங்கள் இவ்வாறு கூறினீர்கள் ...
Annaiye Thaangal Ivvaru Koorinirgal ...

— Thoguthu Vadivamaithavar: Huta

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Soft Cover
Pages: 118
Dimensions (in cms): 19x25
Publisher: The Havyavahana Trust, Pondicherry
ISBN: 978-81-87372-36-3

About Annaiye Thaangal Ivvaru Koorinirgal ...

Description of content for corresponding English title Mother You said so...

This book records conversations which the Mother had with Huta from 1955 to 1973. Huta recorded the talks from memory and sent them the next day to the Mother for corrections. In these revealing talks, the Mother teaches Huta how to live the true inner life and constantly encourages her to overcome her problems and difficulties, to reject the influence of the adverse forces, and to open herself completely to the Divine. In addition, the Mother talks to her about the Future Painting. Also included are a few letters written by the Mother.


Review of corresponding English title Mother You said so...

When I opened this book, the first thing that appealed to me was the whiteness of the pages and the font size. "No strain on the eyes!" I said to myself and I plunged into it.

I was immediately transported to my own fairyland, those years of my childhood, vibrant with light and happiness! The Mother's smile, her luminous eyes, and the stories she recounted wove a magic spell over us.

By sharing her precious diary, Huta-ben has brought back to me many memorable words and incidents with greater lucidity and fuller import. I was too young then to understand all that the Mother said in the evening classes in the Playground. I attended those classes because I had no other option as my elder sisters were there and I couldn't go home without them. But I remember certain words... These words have remained encrusted on the screen of my mind like bright stars.

As I read the book these words and ideas started coming to the foreground. The Mother always wanted us to be happy children. When I read the following paragraph, I remember clearly how we were at that time:

I want everyone to be happy. If you unite consciously with the Divine, you will be happy, because without the Divine life is useless. There is no existence without Him. The Lord is everything.


These words seemed so easy then. Just to breathe was to be happy. Such was the magic of her Presence.

One could speak about many little things...

There is another incident which made a strong impact on me when I first heard it as a child. Huta records these words of the Mother:

In 1960, on the night previous to the First Anniversary of the Supramental Manifestation, Krishna came to me and told me, "It is I who will distribute tomorrow's message." He sat on my lap and started giving blessings to people. It was really so amusing.


When we heard about this as children, we were overawed. Now, after reading about it in this book, I can feel the sweetness of the experience.

Huta-ben, through her personal queries, has revealed the Mother's answers which are precious and will be helpful to all seekers.

There are many new things in the book. The ideas about painting, especially the "Future Painting", have always intrigued me. Now that I have seen Huta-ben's paintings inspired by Savitri, I can understand it better.

The Mother told Huta-ben:

I want to do something new. You must try to do the Future Painting in the New Light.
There is a reason why I always ask you to paint mostly on a white background. It is an attempt to express the Divine Light without shadow in the Future Painting. But everything will come in its own way.
In the Future Painting, you must not copy blindly the outer appearance without the inner vision. Never let people's ideas obsess your mind and their advice too regarding the Future Painting. Do not try to adopt the technique either of modern art or of old classical art. But always try to express the true inner vision of your soul and its deep impression behind everything to bring out the Eternal Truth and to express the glory of the Higher Worlds.


Doing something so new also invites a lot of criticism, especially from those who are trained in one school or the other, even in what is understood to be modern art. I can understand the disappointment Huta-ben felt when she heard other people's remarks about her paintings. The Mother scolded her:

Why do you listen to people? Everyone has his or her own ideas and different points of view and opinions. No one can see the real thing by a true and total sight. The Divine alone can see, know and can do everything. Child, better rely on the Divine alone, who is the best judge and knows better than people do....
Here you must remember that the growth of consciousness is indispensable for your painting, because what you learn from books or from professors is of no use until you get into the higher true artistic consciousness.


The Mother repeatedly asks us to put everything into the hands of the Divine Grace, and to worry less:

People cannot stop the earth from turning round the sun. So they must not worry and bother about what is going on in the Universe.
There are millions of people who have no idea about the higher life, because their souls are not awakened; so they go on enjoying their ordinary lives. Naturally they have many difficulties and miseries also.
...over here, in the Ashram, people are lucky that they can get constant and direct help from the Divine.
You must laugh away all difficulties.


Yes, we have seen how She pulls us out of our difficulties the moment we place them before Her.

On another occasion, when Huta-ben talked to the Mother about her headache, the Mother, who was then talking about yoga, suddenly remarked: "For your headache, you must either eat fish or do meditation." A flash of amusement crossed the Mother's face and laughter rang out sweetly. Suddenly Huta-ben felt better. Can we deny that laughter is the best medicine?

The last message of the book is very encouraging. The years 1972-3 had been very crucial. On one side we were full of the joyous celebrations as it was the year of Sri Aurobindo's centenary and on the other side we could feel a sort of apprehension as the Mother withdrew more and more from the physical field. I had my last Darshan of Her on the 27th of February 1973. Little did I then think it would be the last! When I read the last message from the Mother in the book – "If I am certain of anything in this world, I am certain of only one thing: The Victory of the TRUTH." – I was filled with courage. With this assurance from the Mother let us continue unflinchingly on Her path.

Huta-ben's book is full of new things which are enlightening but the familiar ones are often more cherished. As I read through the book I was really happy to be able to relive those precious moments of my childhood.

The book has a simplicity which is refreshing.

— Krishna Dundur
Krishna Dundur, née Roy, completed her studies at SAICE in 1965 and was made a teacher here by the Mother. She continues to teach here with great pleasure. It was her privilege to have had Sri Aurobindo's Darshan and to have participated in the work of building the Samadhi.

November 2010