Pratyahik Jeebaner Pathanirdesh

— Sri Mayer rachana sangraha theke nirabachita angsher upar adharita


Price: Rs 25

Pages: 47
Dimensions (in cms): 11x14
Soft Cover
Publisher: Dipak Kumar Gupta, Pondicherry

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About Pratyahik Jeebaner Pathanirdesh

Description of content for corresponding English title Guidance in Day-to-Day Life

Gathered from the Mother's writings, the selections in this small booklet offer guidance to those who embark on a spiritual path. Passages deal with subjects such as what it means to be vigilant in one's sadhana, why it is more effective to concentrate in the heart, how to widen one's thought, the role of wealth as a force of Nature to be utilised in building the new creation, and how to offer one's wrong movements to the Light.