Spiritual Heritage of India

Past, Present and Future

— An annotated compilation based on the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother


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Pages: 127
Dimensions (in cms): 14x22
ISBN: 978-81-88847-68-6
Soft Cover
Publisher: Matri Store, New Delhi

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About Spiritual Heritage of India

The selections in this compilation, drawn primarily from the writings of Sri Aurobindo, are brief indicators to the much deeper considerations of India's spiritual heritage on which Sri Aurobindo wrote with such insight. The extracts highlight his constructive approach to the past, gleaning the essential truths of Indian philosophy and culture, and applying them to an analysis of modern-day sociological ideas. Sri Aurobindo and the Mother envisioned a reshaping of the Indian spirit in new moulds, a renaissance that will lead the way in the spiritualisation of the human race.