Sri Aurobindo: His Life and Yoga

— Promode Kumar Sen


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Pages: 240
Dimensions (in cms): 14x21
ISBN: 978-81-88569-71-7
Soft Cover
Publisher: Indus Source, Mumbai

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About Sri Aurobindo: His Life and Yoga

This book is the English translation of the Bengali biography Sri Aurobindo: Jeebon O Jog written in 1939. The author explained that he undertook this work to give an indication of Sri Aurobindo's spiritual stature, because at the time many of his countrymen did not undertand why Sri Aurobindo had retired from politics and immersed himself in sadhana at Pondicherry. The author hoped his readers would become aware that through the Integral Yoga lay the path to man's highest realisations, and to that end devoted eight chapters to an exposition of Sri Aurobindo's thought. A revised edition, published in 1952, included additional material written after the conclusion of World War II and an epilogue written after Sri Aurobindo's passing.