The Mother and Women's Physical Education in Sri Aurobindo Ashram


— Chitra Sen


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Pages: 250
Dimensions (in cms): 14x22
ISBN: 978-93-85391-07-1
Soft Cover
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research Trust, Pondicherry

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About The Mother and Women's Physical Education in Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Tracing the beginnings of the physical education activities in the Ashram under the Mother’s guidance, the book pays special attention to physical education for women. The narrative encompasses various aspects of the overall program: the philosophical underpinnings of the approach – aimed at awakening the body consciousness to become a fit instrument for the Divine work of self-perfection –, the attention to discipline and healthy physical habits, the accretion of playing fields, grounds, equipment, and expertise as the activities multiplied and expanded. The Mother’s presence and intimate involvement in physical exercise and sport are constantly highlighted and her ground-breaking attitude towards equal physical education opportunities for women and girls was considered radical for the times. The numerous photographs and recollections from early participants reinforce the organic growth of what has become a complex and well-rounded program for the students and members of the Ashram community.