Matrimandir: Moments in Eternity


Price: Rs 1450

Pages: 195
Dimensions (in cms): 30x21
Hard Cover
Publisher: Matrimandir Publications, Auroville

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About Matrimandir: Moments in Eternity

This book of colour photographs captures moments at and around the Matrimandir over the years. Different sections are devoted to mist-shrouded landscapes; sunrises, sunsets, and moonscapes that reflect the beauty of nature surrounding the structure; early morning meditations with the bonfire and special flower decorations at the Amphitheatre; Aurovilians at work on the structure and children at work and play in the environs; evening performances at the Amphitheatre; owls, parrots, and peacocks at the Banyan Tree; and views highlighting the Park of Unity. Quotations from the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother appear throughout the book.