Inauguration of Auroville

Concept and Purpose

— Concept & Layout: Franz Fassbender


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Pages: 151
Dimensions (in cms): 21x24
ISBN: 978-81-928152-5-1
Soft Cover
Publisher: PRISMA, Auroville

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About Inauguration of Auroville

On 28 February 2018 Auroville celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its inauguration and this book, replete with historical information, photographs, reminiscences, and conversations with the Mother about the event, presents a narrative that captures the optimism and high feeling of the day. The Mother directed the organisation of the inauguration and, from her room in the Ashram, read out her message and the Charter of Auroville that was broadcast live to the guests and participants at the arena in Auroville. From the smallest detail, such as the badge to be worn by the security volunteers, to the dramatic moment, when young people deposited the soil of countries from around the world into the inaugural urn, the book tells the story of how Auroville was announced to the world.