A Spirit Indomitable

Lights on the Life of Sudhir Kumar Sarkar

— Edited by Mona Sarkar


Price: Rs 180

Pages: 177
Dimensions (in cms): 14x22
Soft Cover
Publisher: Mona Sarkar, Pondicherry

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About A Spirit Indomitable

An anthology presenting glimpses of the life of Sudhir Kumar Sarkar, who was closely associated with Sri Aurobindo since his revolutionary days. The anthology includes what Sri Aurobindo and the Mother said on Sudhir Kumar Sarkar and his compatriots, as well as articles and reminiscences by close acquainttances. The Mother said of Sudhir Kumar, "Sudhir is very fortunate – a life lived in Sri Aurobindo's aura; one can feel it immediately. A life lived in His aura!"