In the Perspective of Sri Aurobindo

A Study of Scientific Developments and Contemporary Literary Theory

— Dr Nikhil Kumar


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Pages: 196
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ISBN: 978-81-86931-42-4
Hard Cover
Publisher: Novelty & Co., Patna

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About In the Perspective of Sri Aurobindo

In this critical study the author examines certain areas of intellectual enquiry and perceives the inadequacy of the ruling divisive mental consciousness to move humanity forward in the evolution. He draws broad conclusions about the impact of Sri Aurobindo's revelation of the supramental consciousness on the evolution of science, psychoanalysis, post-colonialism, and man's relation to Nature. He also looks at contemporary literary theories and finds a compelling need for a reinterpretation of some of the works of Shakespeare, Keats, and Shelley in the light of the higher consciousness brought down by Sri Aurobindo.