The Process of the Integral Yoga

— A compilation from the Mother's writings and an essay by Paulette Hadnagy


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Pages: 476
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ISBN: 978-81-933675-6-8
Soft Cover
Publisher: Auroville Foundation, Auroville

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About The Process of the Integral Yoga

In this work, the compiler has gathered extracts from the Collected Works of the Mother focussing on some of the major aspects of the Integral Yoga, specifically highlighting the triple transformation at the core of the sadhana: the psychic, the spiritual, and the supramental.  In the section on the supramental transformation, she quotes heavily from Notes on the Way (Volume 11) where the Mother describes her work on the mind of Matter and the cellular mind. The book concludes with an appendix written by the compiler to highlight the transition from spiritualisation to supramentalisation as elucidated by Sri Aurobindo.