Sri Aurobindo and Uttarpara Speech

— Trija Ray


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Pages: 40
Dimensions (in cms): 12x18
Soft Cover
Publisher: Uttarpara Sri Aurobindo Parishad, Uttarpara

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About Sri Aurobindo and Uttarpara Speech

This short book discusses Sri Aurobindo's speeches as a leader of the independence movement in general and the background for this historic speech given on the grounds of Uttarpara’s public library after his release from Alipore jail in 1909. In the Uttarpara speech Sri Aurobindo spoke publicly for the first time about his spiritual experiences in prison. He explained that God had given him the strength "to speak a word to this nation which will help to raise it". The message on Sanatan Dharma was the central theme, and some have written that the speech contained in seed form the basic principles of his Integral Yoga that evolved later.