Yaroslava's Flowers

— Story by Noel Parent; Illustrated by Pankhuri Singh; Designed by Krupa Jhaveri


Price: Rs 400

Pages: 48
Dimensions (in cms): 26x21
ISBN: 978-0-9889769-2-4
Soft Cover
Publisher: Noel Parent, Auroville

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About Yaroslava's Flowers

This children’s picture book, with many full-page colour illustrations, tells the story of a little girl who is given a bag of magic seeds by the Flower Spirit. Each flower seed has a power to grant the spiritual quality that the Mother has identified—Protection, Generosity, Divine Grace, and Eternal Smile, for example. She plants the seeds wherever she finds people and places that need to be awakened to new life. Along the way, she discovers more about herself and how she can help to make the future brighter through her love of flowers.