Collected Poems of Nirodbaran (Volume I)

with Sri Aurobindo's Comments and Corrections

— Nirodbaran


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Pages: 638
Dimensions (in cms): 14x22
ISBN: 978-93-5210-084-2
Soft Cover
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication Department, Pondicherry

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About Collected Poems of Nirodbaran (Volume I)

The more than four hundred poems included in two volumes were written between 1936 and 1944 and demonstrate the sure development of Nirodbaran's poetic artistry under the meticulous guidance of Sri Aurobindo. While some of the poems have appeared previously, more than two hundred are published here for the first time. By way of introduction to Nirodbaran's metamorphosis from medical doctor into poet there are extracts from his correspondence with Sri Aurobindo on the subject.The numbered poems are then presented in chronologcal order, with the original poem accompanied by Sri Aurobindo's corrections and comments followed by the final, revised version. These volumes trace the growth of a poet, reveal how writing poetry became a form of sadhana, and provide a glimpse of Sri Aurobindo's emphatic mastery of poetic feeling and technique. Volume One contains the first hundred and fifty-one poems, written between January 1936 and March 1938.