Pictures of Sri Aurobindo's Poems

— Paintings by Huta with verses from Sri Aurobindo's poems and relevant quotations from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo


Price: Rs 400

Pages: 118
Dimensions (in cms): 18x22
ISBN: 978-81-87372-17-2
Soft Cover
Publisher: The Havyavahana Trust, Pondicherry

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About Pictures of Sri Aurobindo's Poems

In March 1967 Huta began the work of expressing some of Sri Aurobindo's poems through paintings. Under the Mother's inspiration and guidance she selected certain passages from the poems and completed fifty-four paintings, which were all shown to the Mother in September of that year. This new book presents these paintings along with the lines which inspired them from some of Sri Aurobindo's most well-known poems, such as "Invitation", "Who", "Thought the Paraclete", and "A God's Labour". Appropriate quotations from the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, some comments on the paintings by the Mother, and background information and photographs accompany the plates. The entire book is printed on art paper.