Bharat Evam Uski Sanskriti Ki Mahanata

— Srima evam Sri Aravinda ke shabdon mein


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Pages: 413
Dimensions (in cms): 14x22
ISBN: 978-81-903276-9-5
Hard Cover
Publisher: The Resurgent India Trust, Jhunjhunu

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About Bharat Evam Uski Sanskriti Ki Mahanata

Description of content for corresponding English title The Greatness of India and its Culture

This compilation addresses a number of aspects of Indian civilisation and culture, from its essential spirit to its best accomplishments, and measures its power of survival, renewal, and adaptation to the ever-changing needs of its peoples. The passages examine the spirit and forms of Indian religion and culture and how it was characteristic of the race to apply these ideals to everyday life. The extracts also consider the ancient Indian spirit and the Aryan system of education, the value of Indian art and literature, the true nature of Indian polity, the power of the sanatana dharma in India's history and development, and India's mission in the world.