Samskrit Kaise Padhaen?

Pehli, Duseri, Tiseri Kakshaon ke liye

— Dr Narendra


Price: Rs 70

Pages: 116
Dimensions (in cms): 12x18
ISBN: 978-81-7058-872-6
Soft Cover
Publisher: Sanskrit Karyalaya, Pondicherry

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About Samskrit Kaise Padhaen?

Written in Hindi, this book presents a three-year course for learning Sanskrit. Aimed at Standard I, II, and III students, it is suitably designed by way of songs, shlokas, dialogues, and games, along with an extensive appendix containing conversations, stories, jokes, and prayers, all in simple Sanskrit. The interesting presentation, which avoids rote techniques, will appeal to young readers. All the songs and shlokas can be heard on the Internet at