New Earth

— Avigal Lemberger


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Pages: 200
Dimensions (in cms): 21x28
ISBN: 978-81-947104-0-0
Hard Cover
Publisher: Healing Center, Bommayarpalayam

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About New Earth

The “New Earth” is the result of the composting process when flower mandalas are decomposing into the earth beneath them. It was begun in the Ashram by Auroculture, an Austrian devotee, who collected the wilted and faded flowers from the Samadhi every day. She experimented to find the best way of composting them and eventually brought the first all-flower compost, called “New Earth”, to the Mother. Her work continued in Auroville, and in 1999 the New Earth project moved to the Matrimandir garden. In 2015 the author took over from Auroculture. In this book she describes the process of creating the flower mandalas and the compost from them, but the brilliantly coloured photographs of the mandalas and some apt quotations from the Mother are the heart of the book.