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The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo

To commemorate Sri Aurobindo's 125th birth anniversary in 1997, the Sri Aurobindo Ashram is bringing out The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo in a uniform library edition of 37 volumes.

The set will contain all works published thus far as well as some still unpublished writings. It will include around 3000 pages of texts which did not form part of the earlier 30-volume Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library.

New Texts

The Complete Works will include the following new material:

  • a volume of Vedic and linguistic writings, Vedic Studies with Writings on Philology.
  • commentaries on the major Upanishads, especially the Isha. This material
    is placed in two volumes, Isha Upanishad and Kena and Other Upanishads.
  • two volumes of Sri Aurobindo's spiritual journal, Record of Yoga,
    the diary of his sadhana between 1909 and 1927; with a glossary.
  • about 300 pages of writings on philosophy and yoga, not published during
    Sri Aurobindo's lifetime. This material appears in Essays Divine and Human.
  • new letters on yoga
  • new autobiographical writings

Textual Accuracy

The texts of The Complete Works are being checked against all available manuscripts and earlier editions to ensure their accuracy.


1  Early Cultural Writings
(formerly The Harmony of Virtue)
2  Collected Poems
3  Collected Plays and Stories - I
4  Collected Plays and Stories - II
5  Translations
6  Bande Mataram - I
Political Writings and Speeches 1890-1908
7  Bande Mataram - II
8  Karmayogin
Political Writings and Speeches 1909-1910
9  Writings in Bengali and Sanskrit
10  Record of Yoga - I
11  Record of Yoga - II
12  Essays Divine and Human
Writings from Manuscripts 1910-1950
(formerly The Hour of God and Other Writings)
13  Essays in Philosophy and Yoga
Shorter Works 1910-1950
(formerly The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings)
14  Vedic Studies
with Writings on Philology
15  The Secret of the Veda
with Selected Hymns
16  Hymns to the Mystic Fire
17  Isha Upanishad
18  Kena and Other Upanishads
19  Essays on the Gita
20  The Renaissance in India
with A Defence of Indian Culture
(formerly The Foundations of Indian Culture)
21  The Life Divine - I
22  The Life Divine - II
23  The Synthesis of Yoga - I
24  The Synthesis of Yoga - II
25  The Human Cycle,
The Ideal of Human Unity,
War and Self-Determination
26  The Future Poetry
with On Quantitative Metre
27  Letters on Poetry and Art
28  Letters on Yoga - I
29  Letters on Yoga - II
30  Letters on Yoga - III
31  Letters on Yoga - IV
32  The Mother
with Letters on the Mother
33  Savitri - I
34  Savitri - II
35  Letters on Himself and the Ashram
36  Autobiographical Notes
and Other Writings of Historical Interest
37  Reference Volume (not yet published)


The Complete Works will be a limited edition of 2500 sets, hardbound in a uniform format.




500 pages per volume on the average


9.5" x 6.5" (24 x 16 cm)


11 point, Sabon


Special acid-free paper for longevity


Stitched forms, hardbound in cloth, wrapped in a transparent plastic protective cover



  • Price (post paid):

    • in India Rs. 7500/-
    • outside India US $ 500/- (Sea Mail)

    This price is subject to revision.

  • As of today, the 36 volumes comprising Sri Aurobindo's original writings have been printed. The remaining reference volume will be posted to subscribers in due course. For further details please write to us.

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