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Auroville 1968–2018: Glimpses into 50 Years of Photographic Archives
— Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Educational Research (SAIIER)
ISBN: 978-93-82474-23-4
Available since 01-Jul-2019
Binding: Hard Cover
Pages: 447
Price: Rs 5300

Celebrating fifty years through photographs, this book is a dynamic visual narrative of Auroville’s development. Although the photographs, both familiar and fresh, do not follow a strict chronological order, there are recurrent themes that provide a historical perspective. It begins with the local inhabitants of the land on which Auroville is built, followed by photos of the inauguration ceremony in 1968 and the first settlers to arrive on the dusty plains, some very dramatic photos of the Matrimandir construction, and ends with the golden jubilee celebration on 28 February 2018. Interspersed are photographs of several people who played a role in supporting the growth of Auroville, a photomontage of Auroville’s children, studying, playing, and growing up before our eyes, and views of Auroville life through the creative arts, sport, experimental architecture, alternative energy, village development, quiet moments of contemplation in the beauty of the growing surroundings, and informal portraits of its residents.


Path of Prayer
— Selections from the Works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother
ISBN: 978-81-7060-411-2
Available since 18-Jun-2019
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 50
Price: Rs 60


Meditations on Savitri — III
Book Four – Book Seven
— Paintings by Huta under the Mother's guidance
ISBN: 978-81-87372-39-4
Available since 18-Jun-2019
Binding: Hard Cover
Pages: 282
Price: Rs 1250

This is the third volume in a series that will present all of the 472 paintings on Savitri made by Huta under the Mother's guidance. From 1961 to 1966 the Mother and Huta meditated together on lines chosen from Sri Aurobindo's Savitri, and when an image appeared to the Mother she described it to Huta with the help of a few strokes. Huta then completed the work in her studio as an oil painting. The Mother named the series of paintings Meditations on Savitri. This volume of 124 paintings accompanied by the corresponding lines from Savitri, covers Book Four, "The Book of Birth and Quest” (31 paintings), Book Five, “The Book of Love” (21 paintings), Book Six, “The Book of Fate” (23 paintings), and Book Seven, “The Book of Yoga” (49 paintings).


Sri Aurobindo's Savitri: An Apocalyptic Literature
— Prof. Dr Madhumati M. Kulkarni
ISBN: 978-81-93953-80-8
Available since 10-Jun-2019
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 370
Price: Rs 575

This book is a study of Sri Aurobindo’s Savitri based on the concept of revelatory visions of the future of mankind. Taking a scholarly approach to the subject, the author includes chapters defining the genre of apocalyptic literature and its mystic or spiritual basis, and Savitri as an Indian illustration of the genre. Subsequent chapters examine the revelatory aspects of the poem in relation to the true nature and purpose of the human being, the mystery of consciousness on the mental, vital, and physical planes, and the hidden meaning of consciousness on the planes of the higher mind, the illumined mind, the plane of intuition, the overmind, and the supramental.


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