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Integral Education
Beyond Schooling
— Partho
ISBN: 978-81-949547-0-5
Available since 22-Jul-2021
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 331
Price: Rs 499

The premise of this book is that if the goal of man is to evolve into a higher being capable of manifesting a divine consciousness, then this ideal must move beyond the realm of individual yogic practices and be seriously and purposefully taken up by societies through the propagation of a new kind of education. Based on his own practice as a teacher and teacher educator, the author describes the characteristics of an integral teacher and an integral learning environment and how these differ, in essence and in detail, from the current mode of education generally followed in the modern world. Set within the framework of Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's thoughts on integral education, the book is an experimental manual for changing the way most teachers view both the process of learning and the child who is at the centre of that process.

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Essays in Vedic Interpretation
— Sri Aurobindo
ISBN: 978-93-5210-188-7
Available since 02-Jul-2021
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 202
Price: Rs 110

Sri Aurobindo began his study of the Veda in Pondicherry; between 1912 and 1914 he took extensive notes and wrote a number of incomplete works on the Veda and on philology. In August 1914 he began to publish his essays on the Veda under the title The Secret of the Veda. Although these essays were newly written for the Arya, they made use of ideas and interpretations first introduced in his earlier manuscript writings, which were left unrevised and often incomplete.


The essays in this book are Sri Aurobindo’s initial exploratory writings on Vedic interpretation that he had left unpublished. Many ideas and examples that occur in The Secret of the Veda are found in these earlier pieces, along with other material. They are reprinted here from Part One of Vedic and Philological Studies, volume 14 of the Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo.


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